Healthy Running
    Healthy running is mainly divided into fun running, music running, rainbow running, four seasons running, parent-child running and other different themes of running activities. According to the different needs of customers, private customization is carried out to achieve environmentally friendly, energy-saving, interesting and low-cost health running activities.
    Interesting running: mainly refers to the setting of different types of barriers and challenges along the way, competitors must pass the corresponding barriers in the process of running along the way to continue to move forward, in order to improve the fun of the activities;
    Music Running: Placing large-scale concerts at different distances and stages on the running scene, besides accompanying outdoor music along the way, there are also band performances, singing performances and other surprise performances along the way, and there are grand concerts at the end.
    Rainbow Running: Rainbow Running is an extension of the traditional Indian Festival "Saffron Festival". It advocates healthy life and focuses on happy running. According to the distance of running, different colour sites are set up. Each site staff throws colour powder to the competitors to express their blessings.
   Four Seasons Running: Running activities with four seasons as the theme can be run in a certain season, such as winter running, or four seasons running in a year. There are four seasonal stations along the way, namely spring, summer, autumn and winter. Each station has a different four seasons photo wall, making funny dolls and so on.

    Parent-Child Running: Parent-Child Running is the main object. It can not only make friends and improve social skills, but also enhance parent-child emotions and promote mutual understanding.